Confidence in your Curriculum.

Gain confidence in your curricular processes and content with CourseLeaf’s expanding suite of enterprise products – Catalog, Curriculum, Section Scheduler, Advising & Registration, Syllabi, Teaching Preference manager and Class Demand solutions. With 25+ years of excellence in software development, colleges and universities gain innovative comprehensive solutions to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of higher education. Our professional services include an array of catalog filtering, content strategy services, and insight packages to leverage your curricular data.

Catalog (CAT)

Transform your catalog into an online platform to streamline how you update, edit, and publish your academic content. Integrate with your student information system (SIS), ensuring your course data has the highest integrity by keeping the SIS as the authoritative source. Use a dynamic workflow and the ability to track and archives edits to create a central, efficient editing process saving your staff time and effort. Publish your catalog in modern, responsive design allowing students to access a WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 accessible, accurate, and user-friendly catalog. Create accessible PDFs on-demand for campus advisors and prospective students and parents.

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Curriculum (CIM)

Streamline the entire process of creating, editing, managing, and archiving course and program proposals at your institution. Your faculty will use dynamic next-generation smart forms build using your business logic and data modeling to automatically drive workflow. Forms also pre-populate with course data from your Student Information System (SIS) and program content from your catalog. Identify the impact of changes using CIM's Course Ecosystem, with the option to notify users. After governance approval, get accuracy reports comparing your CIM and SIS data to ensure accuracy, before automatically bridging the data back to your SIS.

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Section Scheduler (CLSS)

Take your academic class scheduling process online, streamlining your planning and scheduling processes while empowering you with the resources to instantly validate against your scheduling policies. Department schedulers can build their sections multiple years in advance, with complete transparency between departments, schools, and campuses, making CourseLeaf CLSS one of the few enterprise software options available in higher education. 

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Course Planning, Advising, and Registration (PATH)

Students can quickly find and register for the right courses with CourseLeaf PATH's course planning, advising, and registration solution. Students see which courses best fit their degree pathway based on their academic history using PATH's planning and advising tools. While students add sections to their cart and visually build their schedule, PATH automatically conducts SIS pre-flight to ensure successful registration. Registration within the system of record becomes quick and painless using PATH’s data integration—all within an ADA compliant framework using their mobile device.

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Syllabi Management

Make syllabi creation quick and straightforward, ensure that syllabi consistently and accurately convey institutional policy, and archive finished syllabi centrally for easy search and use with CourseLeaf's syllabi manager. Over a dozen schools helped create the manager to make life easier for the provost and dean’s offices, faculty and chairs, and students.

  • Provost and Dean’s offices -- Ensure university policies are conveyed consistently and accurately. Automatically collect and store syllabi centrally.
  • Faculty & Chairs -- Dramatically cut down the time to make and update your syllabi.
  • Students -- Look at syllabi quickly and easily anywhere there’s internet, on any device.

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Teaching Preference Manager

CourseLeaf’s Teaching Preference Manager handles the work of coordinating faculty schedules, replacing the headaches and workload of manually updating schedules between terms. Faculty select preferred courses and times using customized dashboards, and department administrators have visibility into scheduling with customized reporting tools.

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Fully Integrated Solutions

Since 2010 clients have used the industry's most comprehensive and integrated catalog (CAT) and curriculum (CIM) management solutions. With advanced and automated student information system (SIS) integration, schools seamlessly manage the progression from curriculum proposals to publishing mobile-friendly online catalogs that accurately reflects an institutions' courses and programs. The Client Responsive Roadmap guides our software development so CourseLeaf stays the most powerful, most efficient, most precise, most flexible, most sustainable, and most adaptive software on the market year after year. 

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Built to Enhance Efficiency, Tailored to Your Needs

Guided Pathways

CourseLeaf CAT and CAT Impact continue to lead the market in developing guided pathways solutions. Our work with Cuyahoga Community College on stackable credentials and pathway mapping, and with San Jacinto College on transfer articulation mapping, are just two examples of how our team of academic content experts can help your campus adopt guided pathways.

Online Interface

CourseLeaf is an entirely web-based software solution that allows users to create and modify content directly in their web browsers. Your users can access CourseLeaf with most modern hardware platforms and web browsers without having to install additional software.

Intuitive Tools

CourseLeaf software combines a powerful academic content management system (CMS) with relational database structures to provide the most efficient management of data to publishing on multiple platforms. CourseLeaf's online interface provides intuitive editing and updating tools that allow all members within a department to contribute to the editing and approving of content.


Your institution needs more than an out-of-the-box software that can't be customized. CourseLeaf is the only solution that offers a wide range of tailoring to fit the unique qualities of each institution. Each college and university has different critical needs and with CourseLeaf those needs are met to ensure that each solution is a success.

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Powerful Features

CourseLeaf integrates with your SIS, campus authentication system (SSO) and academic catalog to ensure all course and program information is accurate and consistent. CourseLeaf integrates with SIS systems by importing SIS data, verifying that data with accuracy checks and then exporting approved data back into your SIS. CourseLeaf also features a powerful workflow engine that allows you to manage who participates in content creation, when they participate and how they participate. Status reports let you stay on top of the process to meet your deadlines. Email notifications can be set up to let the right person know when they have actions to be taken in CourseLeaf. All changes or edits made in CourseLeaf are logged and archived for a comprehensive audit trail.

Reliable Hosting

CourseLeaf offers the option of hosting your catalog and other services on the Leepfrog servers or on your institution's servers. Leepfrog's servers are hosted at our headquarters in Iowa City, Iowa. With Leepfrog's reliable hosting, system uptime is guaranteed to 99.99 percent with third-party auditing of data center availability going back more than ten years. Leepfrog performs disk to disk backups on a nightly basis and at least two off site copies of system backups are kept as well.

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