CourseLeaf Business Continuity and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Health and Safety of Staff and Clients

The health and safety of our employees, clients and partners is our primary focus. We continue to stay vigilant in monitoring and responding to updates from the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization and the State of Iowa. We are working hard to ensure that our business continues to function as usual in supporting our clients, partners and higher education institutions everywhere.

Action Taken in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To help safeguard our employees, clients and partners, we have implemented the following policies:

  • Staff are expected to work from home, except for essential client work.
  • All travel has been halted.
  • Travel to client sites has been halted for the time being, and this work will be conducted remotely. Those clients needing a future visit still have that option.
  • Consultations, trainings and demonstrations will be conducted virtually utilizing online video conferencing.

Changes in Operations to Support Our Clients

We have expanded and modified our footprint to enable CourseLeaf support personnel to address customer support cases and requests at full capacity. Some actions we have taken:

  • Customer support access via CLHelp is fully designed to deliver continuous support through potential disruptions. Access across our support channels (email, phone, online support resources and case submission) remains unchanged. Customers can access support resources at or by phone at 319.337.3877.
  • Leepfrog has invested heavily in remote technology solutions to ensure service levels and communication remain consistent in the long term.
    • We have invested in additional equipment to allow employees to work fully from home to simulate their office environment.
    • Systems have been put in place to allow for virtual access to meetings, webinars and phone calls.
  • If an issue arises that is time-sensitive and strategic to your academic change process, CourseLeaf has implemented a new escalation process to address immediate needs. For more information, go to the Help Tool in CourseLeaf and go to Additional Resources -> Support
  • As a hosted solution, CourseLeaf is available to all provisioned users with access to an internet browser, regardless of location. This means that if your employees are working from home, they can continue their catalog, curriculum and scheduling work uninterrupted. Be aware of any campus specific authentication needs.

Advice on How to Utilize the Software in a Socially Distant World

Current work

While colleges and universities are educating virtually across the country, curriculum professionals need to remain diligent in finalizing catalogs, curriculum, and scheduling for the 2020-21 academic year.

To assist catalog, curriculum and scheduling professionals working in a remote environment, Leepfrog has created a webinar series to address top concerns. The Managing Curriculum in a Socially Distant World webinar series is dedicated to sharing current CourseLeaf functionality that allows users to finalize their catalog, curriculum, scheduling, registration, and syllabi needs without the need for in-person interaction. To learn more, visit: Managing Curriculum in a Socially Distant World Webinar Series

Collaborating on future work

The CourseLeaf suite already provides substantial tools to allow college and university staff to manage work online, including electronic workflow, reporting, and help tools. We are and will continue collaborating with partner clients to work to expand software capabilities as new challenges emerge.

We will continue to closely monitor this evolving situation and update our services, approach and strategies based upon advisement from CDC, WHO, our local government, and from your input.

We understand this is a crucial time for your institution, and CourseLeaf is prepared to support you.

At CourseLeaf, we are dedicated to providing online, transparent, and efficient solutions that replace outdated, manual processes.

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