A partnership from the start

We view our software development process as a collaboration between partners. From the pilot meeting to product launch we approach the project as equals, working to meet the needs of your campus. 

At the start of development, we spend a pilot day on-campus to learn about your institutional needs and project goals. Meeting in person allows us to collaborate more effectively and provides insight that cannot be duplicated by conference calls or video chat. That’s because your institution’s structure, governance, and stakeholders are distinct from others campuses—along with the problems you’ve been asked to solve, and we understand the importance of working together.

CourseLeaf is a powerful, fully configurable software suite design to improve the efficiency and integration of your campus process. But sometimes configurations don't solve every problem, or your faculty or dean have a specific request or systemic need. That's where we come in. We'll conceptualize ways to solve your problem and consider customizations which could meet your exact needs. Solving your tough challenges is part of our DNA, and we do it better than anyone else. To date, our approach has delivered effective solutions for hundreds of clients:

"CourseLeaf made us heroes on our campus!"
-Chris Bakkum, Ph.D., Registrar, University of Wisconsin La Crosse

“We’ve come to expect excellent customer service, superior product support, and non-stop innovation from the entire Leepfrog team.”
-Denny Savage, Senior Associate University Registrar, The University of Alabama

“[CourseLeaf] has made the workloads easier and less labor intensive for all parties involved making this happen.”
-Amanda J. Hruska, Registrar, University of Wisconsin Green Bay

“Our first year coxed eight all got out of the shell at 7:59 a.m. on Wednesday morning, grabbed their phones, pushed the button [to register for classes], and were back in the river by 8:01 a.m. This thing rocks!”
-Team Captain, Men’s Crew, Brown University

No added costs or fees

Our work philosophy extends into how we gather specifications and bid on projects. Our firm fixed bids include time for customization in the initial proposal, meaning your contract includes all of the custom development needed for your project to succeed based on our discussions and in-depth review. There are no added costs.

When we meet with you, we bring a baseline version of CourseLeaf installed with your institution's content. We'll go through this hands-on live demo together, giving your implementation team the ability to make more thoughtful and intentional decisions as we discuss your project's specifications. We call this approach, "specs in the middle," and it's an example of CourseLeaf's investment in our work together. We recognize the time and energy needed to create new features, and we invest in the success of your students and institution by sharing in the cost of development. At the end of the day, we’re delivering much more value to your campus than was included in the price of your contract.

As a development partner your equity in the process is valued. During development, your input drives the feature’s characteristics and how it meets your needs. This means that your CourseLeaf software will be configured and customized to meet the distinct needs of your campus. Your team will be driving innovation at your institution, making everyone’s life easier. This is how software should work, and AACRAO is in agreement with our approach: 

“Software should not drive institutional policy or process… The capacity of the vendor’s software to be configured to meet the institution’s curriculum management needs is a critical factor in the selection process.”
- Curriculum Management and the Role of the Registrar, AACRAO, 2018

Give us a call

If you have a need and want to talk, reach out to your Leepfrog contact who will refer you to your Account Executive. The Account Executive will work with you to discuss the domain of your need, and your functional and technical specifications. We’ll use this information to discuss solutions with you and determine next steps.