What to Expect

Conference Overview

You will have over 40 presentations to choose from in various styles including: panel discussion, classroom, birds of a feather, and round table. The topics will be geared toward all types of CourseLeaf users, such as Functional, Strategic, and Technical. See definitions below. The Leepfrog Team is preparing to present on a wide range of topics covering all of our CourseLeaf solutions with topics like: dynamic workflow; meeting patterns in CLSS; post launch debrief; revitalizing your catalog; SIS cleanup; CIM prerequisites; and much more! We will also have several client presentation slots available for you to choose from. These will offer invaluable peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and lessons learned on all of the CourseLeaf solutions. We are currently collecting requests to present and would love to hear from you! (There are a limited number of slots.)

Workshop Overview

The LUC 2020 Workshop is a full day of hands-on training comprised of half-day sessions, broken into two tracks: Enhanced Usage and Implementation and Training. Enhanced Usage includes sessions covering topics like Workflow, Data Modeling, SIS Bridge Ops, SIS Rules, Navigation, Search & User Experience, FocusSearch Form Builder, Data Warehouse, General Reporting, Personalizing Websites, and CLSS Rules. Implementation and Training includes sessions covering topics like Implementation for CAT, CIM, CLSS, and FocusSearch, and Training for CAT, CIM, and CLSS. You will have the option to pick any two of the offered sessions, from either track, as long as scheduled times do not overlap.

Session Types


Functional track presentations are designed for campus staff most closely responsible for the practical use of their CourseLeaf modules. These presentations should seek to identify common problems those in these positions face and focus on the “how” of solving them. Each presentation will identify at least one common problem and how that problem is solved using CourseLeaf core tools or processes.


Technical track presentations are designed for users of varying technology experiences and expertise levels as well as myriad campus roles. The majority of these presentations are designed to discuss how computing technologies can be combined with existing CourseLeaf platforms and how these applications can be used, supported, integrated, and implemented across campus. These presentations also may include discussion of emerging development work.


Presentations identified as strategic are designed to be useful in achieving attendees’ goals or plans for their CourseLeaf products. Strategic track presentations will cover common campus initiatives to achieve student success, including providing access to accurate and timely information, assistance with planning and completion, or improving academic operational efficiencies. These presentations give the attendee a plan to navigate the future, ideas to create a meaningful vision, or a solution to improve processes.

Lilypad Labs

LilyPad Labs provide open forum opportunities for LUC attendees to collaborate with one another and members of the organization. Participants share dialog about new and existing administrative challenges experienced across a wide variety of institutional types and sizes. CourseLeaf staff uses this time to ask questions, probe deeper into where institutions perceive the need for new technologies, and gather insight that drives the strategic direction for future development and evolution of software solutions. LilyPad Labs serve a primary role in defining CourseLeaf’s vision for meeting the long-term goals and objectives of higher education.

Laptop Rentals

Please download the LUC 2020 Laptop Order Form. If you have any question about ordering a laptop please contact CEAVCO at rentalbooths@ceavco.com

We want to hear from you

Do you have LUC-related questions, or need help in registering for the conference? Please reach out to us at luc@leepfrog.com.