New to PATH - The Arranger

Path can show students alternative cart arrangements to help them plan their schedule. Alternative schedules can be previewed on the calendar and narrowed down using the exclude times widget. Schools can modify their preferences for which sections appear at the top of the list of alternative schedules. The Arranger helps student pick valid schedules after they have selected which courses they would like to take.

The arranger has 2 workflows in PATH. Arranging a cart, and arranging CRN's.

Arranging a Cart

The arranger is accessed from the Cart Contents panel. To view a cart, login, select a term, then select click the "Primary Cart" button in the search criteria panel.

The Primary Cart Options widget and Source DB Options widgets must be installed.

Clicking the Arrange button at the bottom of the Cart Contents panel will open the Other Cart Options panel which lists alternative cart arrangements. Only the courses to be added to the cart are shown in this panel. Clicking on an item in the panel will show all of the changes that will be made to the cart, including courses that will be removed from the cart.

Arranging CRN's

By searching for courses with a comma separated list of CRN's in the PATH search bar, an Arrange button will be shown at the bottom of the Search Results panel that will start the cart arranging workflow shown above. The arrange button will not be shown if there is a single course with only 1 possible section in the search results because it cannot be arranged. The arrange process is the same as when arranging a cart from here. The New Cart Options will show how the primary cart for the selected term will change if the arrangement is accepted.