CourseLeaf Section Scheduler: Many Institutions, Different Challenges, One Solution.

Scheduling classes is one of those few challenges that affects everyone on your campus. Departments have to schedule their classes around faculty needs, student demand, their own internal staff meetings, and facility availability. These everyday decisions affect the success of your institution to meet its goals and strategic vision, and the scheduling and academic policies/procedures that assist in this aim can seem futile to uphold with so many competing interests.

Courseleaf Section Scheduler (CLSS) can help you resolve all of these institutional challenges in one solution. Don’t take our word for it, click on a class below to sign up and see CLSS in action with our free fall webinar series. We have two tracks that we guarantee will positively change the way you think about building your schedule of classes. Which class is right for you?

Two Webinar Tracks Available

Department Scheduling

Here at CourseLeaf, we think it’s time you get everything you want out of your scheduling process. Is your institution still using excel spreadsheets, pdf printouts, and handwriting changes to circulate and update the schedule? Do you wish you had an easy way for all departments to view each other’s schedules concurrently, including multiple terms in advance? Would you benefit from being able to easily identify where the heaviest and lightest volume of courses are scheduled across the week? Come see how knowledgeable you can be at every corner of your process.

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Administrator Scheduling

Central administrators, registrars, deans: are you looking for innovative and effective ways of ensuring your departments meet your scheduling standards and established policies? Do you find yourself running the same registration readiness reports multiple times each term just to ensure that a scheduling error doesn’t stop a student from registering successfully? CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS) has the solution to these challenges with our easy to use and highly configurable validation tools. With CLSS, your institution will be able to accomplish all of the following, and more, at the click of a button. Come see how CLSS can help your institution align its process with its established policies simply.

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