Easily build accurate and consistent syllabi. Efficiently.

Is your syllabus management process difficult to manage? Are your syllabi policies being consistently followed and compliant? Are you looking for a solution to enforce institutional syllabi rules?

CourseLeaf Syllabi (SYL) makes the creation of syllabi quick and straightforward while you effectively enforce consistent and accurate institutional syllabi policies. SYL allows you to centrally archive finished syllabi for easy search and use. 

"What used to take an hour to change will now take [instructors] 20 – 30 seconds."

Brian Mercer, Director of the Office of Curricular Support
Azusa Pacific University

Deliver accurate, consistent, and easy-to-access course syllabi to students, along with a searchable repository of finalized syllabi for quick access in future semesters. SYL automatically pulls in data from systems of record— including your SIS, LMS, catalog, bookstore, and others—eliminating dual data entry.

Over a dozen schools helped create Syllabi to make life easier for provost and dean’s offices, faculty and chairs, and students.

By leveraging CourseLeaf’s SAM (student aware module), students are presented with syllabus update change tracking including tracking edits that have occurred since the last time they viewed the document. Instructors may also limit access of syllabus content to students only, allowing for publication of syllabi while keeping faculty’s intellectual property protected.

Be confident all syllabi are compliant

Validate consistency and compliance across campus by defining the contents of each syllabus template and determine the editing privileges of faculty who will ultimately use them. SYL leverages CourseLeaf’s powerful rules and filters engine to define required elements of each syllabi by attribute, meeting pattern, or other criteria. Templates may also be defined to help enforce standard presentation of information across a college, department or institution.

Reduce faculty administrative workload

Each component of the syllabus is templated by campus administrators, allowing faculty to quickly edit, append, and remove elements. Since syllabi are maintained on the web, faculty no longer maintain static files on their workstations or in email, eliminating the risk content loss or publishing of legacy data.

Swift access to course content on any device

SYL makes viewing syllabi on mobile devices simple and intuitive by publishing each syllabus on the web in a branded template. Student-facing content is designed to be mobile-friendly for viewing on small-screen devices and is accessible to WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

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