Manage teaching preferences for faculty and instructors​. Efficiently.

How do you get the right schedule for who will teach your courses, and when? How do you manage faculty preferences and assignments and workload?

The CourseLeaf Teaching Preference Manager (TeachPref) system is a software solution designed for collecting instructor preferences for teaching in the upcoming academic year. It is aimed to replace the common practice of “rolling” terms. Instead, a series of TeachPref forms are sent to instructors with requests to re-teach what was taught the previous year and also provides the ability for some staff to initiate new requests.

Build a smart schedule of classes

When it comes to schedule planning, many institutions find it a struggle to organizing all of the information that needs to be delivered to students. To build an effective schedule, the course (content), class (time and format), and instructor information must be quickly assembled and disseminated to potential students and your system of record. The CourseLeaf Teaching Preference Manager (TeachPref) provides an automated process that not only saves time through greatly increased efficiency, it will also provide a more rapid, streamlined timeline with better data throughout. TeachPref collects teaching requests, handles teaching assignments and builds a schedule you can sync with your SIS and share with faculty, staff and students.

Easily update and sync information

While interacting with the system, instructors are shown key demographic and contact information that is stored within the system, prompting them to update information that may have changed.  Your TeachPref system is heavily customized based on your institutional provisions for the division of the course and the type of the instructor. The settings you have for division and instructor type help to drive the messaging, structure of courses, and reporting in CourseLeaf.

Detailed Schedule Reports

In TeachPref, you can easily review all of the course and instructor data that has been submitted. Easily review who is teaching what and where the classes will be held. The system greatly reduces the time spent on coordinating many teaching faculty, particularly adjunct faculty whose teaching assignments vary significantly from year to year.