Learning Outcomes

Developing and disseminating expected learning outcomes can improve teaching and knowledge acquisition. Learning outcomes describe what students should be able to accomplish at the end of a course, curriculum, or any educational experience. Learning outcomes most often are created for programs or courses. These statements identify in measurable terms, what specific skills, values, and attitudes students should exhibit for the next course, year or life stage. Students should acquire the same knowledge from the course or program no matter the teacher, and defined learning outcomes make that more attainable. A well-written outcome is written with the student as the initial frame of reference and is appropriate for the academic level.

Update Apply Script (UAS)

Effective this year, we are deploying an Update Apply Script (UAS).  UAS is a patch process whereby each client is given a TEST environment where they can apply and test all patches prior to deploying to the NEXT environment.  Patches and this UAS process will be used for all code changes, including software updates, bug fixes, configuration changes and enhancements.  With this process, you can test your entire suite before deploying an update.  We encourage you to take advantage of this capability and build the testing time into your schedule.  We recommend adding an additional 2 weeks to your planned testing timeline.  For example, if you want to advance to the next edition of your catalog on June 1, best practice would be to contact CourseLeaf to request an update on May 1, allowing you the entire month of May to receive the patch and test the software.

Support Enhancements

We have recently launched 24/7 technical support and a client support escalation process.  Our Support team can now delegate issues requiring more focus and time to the overnight team, effectively using additional time and resources to address your needs. 

If you have a support issue that is time sensitive and strategic to your academic change process, please utilize our new escalation process.  Simply forward your Helpspot email, with the relevant ticket number included, to escalate@courseleaf.com with an explanation of your needs.  A support lead or manager will reach out to you in 24 hours with insight and options.

You have been granted access to a dashboard of all severity level 2 tickets.  This dashboard will allow you to see how tickets are progressing within our development team.  You can access the dashboard at the CourseLeaf console. 

Please contact your Support representative at clhelp@courseleaf.com to share your desired date to advance to the next edition of your catalog.  This supports our staffing and planning efforts.