The secret sauce for our new feature ideasyou!

A core part of who we are as a company is listening to your thoughts, ideas, goals, and problems in person. This approach is how we’re able to closely understand the scope, details, and logistics of your project. 

The ideas we generate from our on-going conversations are added to our running list of solutions, the Client Responsive Roadmap. All features on the roadmap were created from listening to your problems and headaches, and are designed to meet the needs of your institution, and others like you. 

As we identify your institutional needs which match features on the roadmap, we'll discuss their specifications, functions, and help you decide if they're a good fit for your project. You pick the features we develop next, determining the priority of their development and their specifications. We'll collaborate with you to develop these ideas into a fully-functional reality that meets your exact needs. This is why we call the roadmap ‘client responsive.’ It puts you in control so that the next feature created is the one you need most. And clients value our approach in meeting their goals…

"We chose CourseLeaf because their software solution was the only one that offered us the customization and ongoing support we needed.  We could not be more pleased with the product and the technical assistance we received from the CourseLeaf team."
-Colette Chelf, Assistant Director Graduate Records, Western Kentucky University

“For many on our campus, transitioning from the traditional catalog management process to Leepfrog’s web-based CourseLeaf Catalog platform meant being willing to take a leap that, without question, was worth taking. From migration to implementation, the CourseLeaf team worked diligently with us to customize our catalog, resolve issues whenever they arose, and provide excellent administrative and end-user training."
-Venesa A. Heidick, Registrar, Texas A&M University

“[CourseLeaf] understood our student success goals and worked with us to create a beautiful online and mobile-friendly catalog. Our students can easily navigate with several search options, including filters, to organize program pathways and stackable program options. And, even more exciting, we have for the first time integrated workforce into the catalog so all credit and non-credit courses are in one place!”
-Kris Walz, Program Manager, Cuyahoga Community College

Live-action development

Some companies cast their product vision in multi-year formats. They present their clients with a list of what’s being developed and when it will come out, usually between 18–36 months. But this doesn’t solve your current problems, and it’s not how we work. We understand your institution is distinct from others, and there can be significant differences from one department to another, requiring you to manage how your academic process evolves. The bottlenecks and roadblocks at your institution slow your ability to adapt to these changes, and won't be fixed by a one-size-fits-all approach. The Client Responsive Roadmap allows us to track the best solutions to fix these issues, so we’re solving the immediate problems that impact your campus.

When finished, the features we’ve created to improve your institution become part of CourseLeaf’s baseline software, making it more useful for everyone. And as we work with other clients to solve their problems, your software will continue to gain new functionality. This is the foundation of our approach to development:  everyone benefits from the best ideas of the community. As one of our clients said, "it's good that you're one of us."

This is why CourseLeaf continues to be best software on the market—more efficient, more precise, more flexible, more sustainable, and more adaptive year after year.