The most advanced curricular management software on the planet.

Curricular management is complicated. CourseLeaf was designed to make it easier without making you change your processes; to drive accuracy without manual operations; to engage anyone while not bothering everyone; and to help your entire campus thrive – from staff to faculty to students.

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CourseLeaf is Intelligent, Adaptive, and Evolutionary

Five Modules, One Holistic Solution

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CourseLeaf offers five software modules that integrate with each other and your system of record to cover everything from course inception through course registration. Start with the modules you need; we’re here to help if and when you’re ready to add more.

Curriculum Forms that Speak Your Faculty's Language

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CourseLeaf adopts the language and terms that are specific to your campus and pairs it with an intuitive interface that everyone can navigate. We help institutions move from “no one wants to use our software” to faculty and staff all wanting to be involved in the curricular process.

Software that Adapts to Your Processes

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CourseLeaf was built with the advanced capability to adapt to you. We learn your processes and policies and then configure the software so it is exactly what your campus needs, boosting efficiency and accuracy across your entire system.

Workflow that Automatically Knows Who's In and Who's Out

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CourseLeaf’s Intelligent Workflow knows who needs to review content and in what order because it’s uniquely configured in advance to support your practices. This eliminates user errors and cumbersome paper trails, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Features that Drive Student Engagement and Completion

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Your work (and ours) comes down to students. CourseLeaf features help students identify the right career path and select the right classes, leading to a higher level of student engagement, persistence, on-time completion and post-graduation career success.

Integration that Places Your System of Record at the Center of the Universe

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Nobody connects your campus the way we do. CourseLeaf’s Advanced Integration drives accuracy across your entire system, securing your system of record as the source of truth and leading to confidence in data accuracy, more data-driven decisions, and a smoother accreditation process.

An Unmatched Ecosystem of Integration

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We form strategic partnerships to create an unmatched ecosystem of integration and support for your curricular management. These connections add value to what we can deliver and provide the most efficient and accurate systems for you campus-wide.

Continuous, Client-Driven Innovation

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CourseLeaf was developed, and continues to be developed, through partnerships with colleges and universities. The problems you and your peers struggle with the most are the ones we focus on solving.

CourseLeaf integrates with leading higher education solution providers.

CourseLeaf offers the most advanced integration of any curricular management system on the market. We work closely with our partners at Ellucian and Oracle to provide seamless, bi-directional integration with Banner and PeopleSoft, while also supporting Colleague, Workday, homegrown and other platforms. Connectivity with popular learning management systems, room scheduling software, labor market data platforms, and more are also options for your campus.

If you have software that isn’t represented in our partnership list, let us know. We are likely to have integration options that will work for your needs.


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Discover how CourseLeaf campuses are thriving.

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CourseLeaf’s technology was miles ahead of the competition. They took our lead in designing templates that fit our needs and built the software to flow with our process. The integration and sophistication of CourseLeaf is the gold standard version of all catalogs.

— Rosemary Schestag, Project Manager, Lorain County Community College

CourseLeaf PATH has transformed the way our students and advisors discover and select course offerings. Having a fully personalized search and course recommendation engine this robust is in alignment with current user behaviors and expectations that students have become accustomed to.

— Robert Fitzgerald, Registrar, Brown University

Their willingness to hear what we were looking for and do what they could to make a solution fit our business and process needs put them far ahead of the competition.

— Amanda Daddona, Associate Registrar at Wesleyan University

What used to take an hour to change will now take 20 – 30 seconds with CourseLeaf SYL.

— Brian Mercer, Director of the Office of Curricular Support, Azusa Pacific University

CourseLeaf helped us bridge the gap between information and informed student decision-making.

— Dr. Lindsay English, Vice President for Learning & Engagement, Cuyahoga Community College

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