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CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT)

CourseLeaf CAT - Update, manage, and publish academic catalogs.

Transform your catalog into an online, modern and response website as unique as your campus with CourseLeaf CAT. CAT offers a stunning platform that promotes your brand and helps students find the courses they need.

The Gold Standard

"CourseLeaf’s technology was miles ahead of the competition. They took our lead in designing templates that fit our needs and built the software to flow with our process. The integration and sophistication of CourseLeaf is the gold standard version of all catalogs."

Rosemary Schestag, Project Manager
Lorain County Community College

"Our overall satisfaction with Leepfrog and its products (CAT, CIM and CLSS) has been great! The products have eliminated many of the manual processes we used in the past; the Leepfrog team is responsive to our needs and do whatever they can to help us out as quickly as possible when we contact them with an issue."

Georgia McRae, University Registrar, Marquette University

"CourseLeaf was chosen because of its comprehensive set of products and fine reputation. From the start, we found the staff to be friendly, encouraging, and engaging; specifically asking probing questions in order to maximize the utilization of their product with our existing systems."

Carla R. Sims, PhD, Executive Director Enrollment Management
Oakland Community College

"CourseLeaf has changed the way we think about technological solutions at Mount Mercy. Thanks to the easy-to-use, web-based interface even the faculty and staff members most resistant to technological solutions see the benefit of the software."

Chance McWorthy, Registrar, Mount Mercy University

"We have implemented CourseLeaf’s CAT and are currently implementing CIM. We have been impressed with the dynamic features of the software and the countless improved efficiencies within the editing process. We are eager to add workflow tracking to the curriculum management process. CourseLeaf’s team has been informative and responsive to our questions and set-up."

Rhonda K. Kitch, Ph.D., Registrar/Office of Registration and Records
North Dakota State University
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