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CourseLeaf is more than a software—it’s a full platform of support. From our 24/7 live support access to our weekly training sessions and managed software updates, we are here and ready to help you succeed. And the best part – all support is included as a CourseLeaf client.

  • Catalog CAT
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Frequent Support Topics

  • Change your catalog template

    CourseLeaf CAT has the flexibility to generate a catalog that matches your unique campus brand. No generic templates here and your annual update is always on us!

  • Update your software

    CourseLeaf software updates happen whenever the time is right for you. They are free of charge and cover all of your mods. No… we’re not kidding.

  • Sync your data

    Our SIS Sync tool drives accuracy across all of your campus software systems, ensuring your SIS remains the source of truth at all times.

  • Adjust your CIM forms

    Curriculum changes and so does your curriculum process. No problem. CIM was designed with flexibility in mind!

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