Boost On-Time Completion with Efficient Scheduling

Creating a campus schedule involves much more than slotting courses into open spots. It’s about developing a timetable that boosts the chance that students can secure the right classes for on-time completion—all while juggling institutional rules.

CourseLeaf CLSS gives you the power to centralize and easily manage your course schedule across departments while maximizing class placement to drive student success. Pair that with our new Look and Book functionality for room selection, and you have everything you need to generate the ideal schedule in a snap.

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With CourseLeaf CLSS, you can:

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Eliminate manual data entry

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Validate the right schedule

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Configure appropriate preauthorized meeting patterns

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Easily add and subtract sections

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Balance prime and light time slots

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Streamline schedule changes

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Maximize class placement for student needs

Visualize Schedules at a Glance

CLSS visualization tools, including the Snapper and HeatMap, break down your course schedule into manageable pieces. One glance can tell you how courses are distributed throughout the week. To dig deeper, simply filter by instructor, meeting pattern, and/or course to check for inconsistencies or compliance issues. Graphic cues draw attention to potential conflicts and offer color-coded views of course distribution to create a balanced schedule.

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Create Your Own Rules and Validate Compliance

You’ve set scheduling rules for a reason, and CLSS makes it simple to validate that departments comply. From meeting patterns to faculty schedules, your institution’s custom scheduling rules and guidelines can be incorporated into CLSS, including specific rules for certain departments and classes.

Make Informed Decisions with Customized Reports

CLSS can transform data into customized reports to help you make smarter scheduling decisions next semester. Pull information about space utilization, peak times, and scheduling conflicts to see where there may be room for improvement.

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Onboard New Users Quickly with Intuitive Tools

Faculty and staff can learn to use CLSS quickly to collaborate on class schedules, propose new courses, and slot them into meeting times. Intuitive editing, review, and approval tools make schedule validation quick and easy; users instantly see errors so they can make adjustments.

Guide Department Access with Centralized Control

With CLSS, you have complete jurisdiction over course schedules, selecting who participates in each stage of the process while allowing individual departments access. Administrators can easily approve or reject updates from departments and make exceptions to scheduling rules when needed.

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Share Completed Schedules Immediately with Advanced Integration

Once the schedule is approved and complete, your work is done! CLSS can automatically share the information with your system of record and room scheduling platforms with our Look and Book functionality. It also allows you to publish schedules to your website, save as spreadsheets, and save in PDFs.

Schedule Rooms within CLSS with our New Look and Book Integration

CourseLeaf’s Look and Book functionality within CLSS allows post secondary institution schedulers to quickly and efficiently select the best room and class section pairings when building a schedule. Using Look and Book, in conjunction with your institution’s scheduling processes, provides flexibility to plan multiple scenarios, forecast demand, and create an optimized and efficient course and room schedule.

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Discover how CourseLeaf campuses are thriving.

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CourseLeaf’s technology was miles ahead of the competition. They took our lead in designing templates that fit our needs and built the software to flow with our process. The integration and sophistication of CourseLeaf is the gold standard version of all catalogs.

— Rosemary Schestag, Project Manager, Lorain County Community College

CourseLeaf PATH has transformed the way our students and advisors discover and select course offerings. Having a fully personalized search and course recommendation engine this robust is in alignment with current user behaviors and expectations that students have become accustomed to.

— Robert Fitzgerald, Registrar, Brown University

Their willingness to hear what we were looking for and do what they could to make a solution fit our business and process needs put them far ahead of the competition.

— Amanda Daddona, Associate Registrar at Wesleyan University

What used to take an hour to change will now take 20 – 30 seconds with CourseLeaf SYL.

— Brian Mercer, Director of the Office of Curricular Support, Azusa Pacific University

CourseLeaf helped us bridge the gap between information and informed student decision-making.

— Dr. Lindsay English, Vice President for Learning & Engagement, Cuyahoga Community College

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