Change Your Catalog Template

A CourseLeaf CAT Theme Refresh is an annual service available to all CourseLeaf clients at no additional charge. This refresh allows you to keep your catalog aligned with your campus brand and is fully implemented by CourseLeaf, reducing the burden on your staff and resources.

Ready for a refresh? Just follow the steps below.

1. Send Us Your Working HTML Page(s) 

  • Send us a working HTML page(s) that fully demonstrates the desired behavior and functionality necessary for the catalog design. Many clients choose to send a link to a website, while some campuses offer downloadable vendor templates that include all necessary assets.
  • Make sure your specifications have considerations for catalog-specific elements, including search, prominent placement of the edition year, and any other elements that exist inside of the catalog that may not exist on other campus sites.

2. Review and Approve 

  • Once we receive your specifications, our CourseLeaf Front End Development team will confirm a timeframe to implement the changes.
  • Next, we will send you a test page for your review.
  • Once approved, changes will be applied to the NEXT edition of your catalog. Themes apply to all pages on the site and don’t alter user content. This allows for swift design changes to the entire site without requiring pages to go back through workflow.

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