Update Your Software

CourseLeaf is client-responsive in both our software development and our software update process. Because every CourseLeaf campus has custom-fit software and a unique timeline for curriculum management, we allow clients to determine the appropriate time to update their software and which features to include. It is always your choice!

If you are ready for a software update, follow these simple steps.

1. Review CourseLeaf Module Release Notes

  • Go to help.courseleaf.com.
  • At the Help site, click on CAT, CIM, or CLSS under “Latest Release Notes” for all additions, enhancements, and fixes associated with a given module release. You can find your current version of CourseLeaf software at the CourseLeaf console, in the upper right-hand corner just above the Help and Support icons.
  • Review the updates available to confirm the features you would like to include in your update.

2. Let CourseLeaf Support Know You Are Ready to Update Your Software

  • Contact CourseLeaf Support.
  • Your support representative will make a patch to update your site and send it to our Quality Assurance department. Once Quality Assurance signs off, the patch will be available for you to review in your TEST environment.
  • Once you approve the update, we will apply that same patch to your NEXT site. Depending on your products, the patch may need to be applied overnight or at a time when your software is not in active use.

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