An experienced team developing the most advanced software.

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Our Story

Leepfrog Technologies, the creator of CourseLeaf, was launched in 1994 in Iowa City by founders with a passion for providing custom, evolutionary technology to solve problems – especially those encountered in higher education.

Today, our founders continue to drive a mission and culture that are client-centered, agile, and dedicated to innovation. This enables Leepfrog to develop and support the most advanced curricular management software on the planet, serving over 450 institutions worldwide.

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Our Philosophy

Leepfrog is unique in the industry. Our difference stems from four core philosophies that guided the development of CourseLeaf from the very beginning:


Software should adapt to the needs of the institution.

While others offer a one-size-fits-most platform, we believe in offering software so advanced that it adapts to you. This includes policies, processes, and even institutional language. It may require a little more time during implementation, but it saves lots of time later. Even better, it delights faculty and staff because it makes using our software so easy.

Always respect and maintain external systems of truth.

CourseLeaf was developed in a unique way that places your system of truth, often a student information system (SIS), at the center of the universe. As our CEO says, “If the SIS is wrong, then it’s definitively wrong. The transcript is wrong. Billing is wrong. Degree audit is wrong. Accreditation is wrong. Everything is wrong.” Our software is designed to make sure everything is always right.

All specifications are rarely known until the project is under way.

How often have you determined details for a project and then, once the project was well under way, realized you wanted something to work differently? It happens to almost everyone, which is why we create flexibility for mid-project changes without additional charges. We call this “specs in the middle,” and our clients love it.

Project timelines and roadmaps need to be responsive to changes.

Things change. You might decide to add additional features. You may need to delay implementation due to other projects. We get it. Our flexible, client-centered implementation process makes it easy to make changes when you need to.

Our Team

Leepfrog’s 140+ team members, affectionately referred to as “Froggers,” enjoy a start-up culture focused on inclusivity, health, advancement, and work-life balance. While some of our Froggers work remotely from locations across the country, most enjoy the college-town lifestyle in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids region, home to our headquarters and the University of Iowa, along with several private colleges and a community college.

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