Implementation is time well spent.

At Leepfrog, we take the time to adapt our CourseLeaf software to support your unique processes and policies. This approach generates the intuitive interface, intelligent workflow, and advanced integration that makes your system easy to use for your staff and faculty and drives efficiency and accuracy campus-wide.

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As you prepare for implementation, consider the following steps for a successful process:

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Assemble the Right Team

Assembling the right Core Team with a variety of skills gives you a big advantage through the CourseLeaf implementation process. Consider including team members with campus roles in curriculum, administration, IT, technical needs for your system of record, and website design.

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Prepare for Consultation Success

One of the unique aspects of implementation with CourseLeaf is our onsite consultation. A CourseLeaf Consultant travels to your campus to help your Core Team make decisions on software configurations that will support your unique processes and policies. Prior to that session, take some time to consider the most pressing challenges you hope to solve with CourseLeaf – from short term goals to your more long-term, strategic vision.

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Dive in to Your Dashboard

Leepfrog utilizes a client-responsive process to implement our products. Visually, this concept is best represented as a baton being passed back and forth from Leepfrog to you throughout the project. Your custom Project Dashboard will keep you informed at every step along the way, so take some time to make sure your Core Team feels comfortable using the dashboard once your project begins.

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Learn from Our Community

You are now joining over 450 campuses around the world who have already gone through implementation and are active users of CourseLeaf. Through our Leepfrog User Community (LUC) Chat, you can connect with other users, ask questions, and gain insights that may help you with implementation decisions.

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