Is your registration process a challenge for students? CourseLeaf PATH can help.

With CourseLeaf PATH, your institution will reinvent the course and class searching process with tools and features designed for every student. PATH modernizes class search and registration by providing the tools and features students need to effectively discover and plan their pathway to on-time completion, all while using a search interface that is mobile friendly and accessible.

Leading institutions use CourseLeaf’s student discovery module and the result is a satisfied student body who are aware of their degree requirements while discovering the courses that are right for them. With PATH, students have a personalized advisor helping them find their pathway each and every registration cycle.

"PATH has transformed the way our students and advisors discover and select course offerings. Having a fully personalized search and course recommendation engine this robust is in alignment with current user behaviors and expectations that students have become accustomed to."

Robert Fitzgerald, Registrar
Brown University

Powerful Features

Keyword and Parameter Search

Students will enjoy a comprehensive keyword search that allows them to find all references of their search criteria against the schedule of classes, including in the subject area, title of the course, course description, pre-requisite, etc. This ensures that students find all classes that match the criteria that they specify.

Customized Search Results

Students will be able to find the most pertinent information about every class from the search results because your institutional administrators can choose the information students most need to see. PATH can provide information regarding the textbooks required for the class, when final exams are held, and more to your students regardless of the restrictions within your student information system (SIS).


Upon log-in, PATH's Student Aware Mode (SAM) feature adds a layer of personalization to the search results by applying student profile information and student academic history information to further filter the returned course and section information.

Registration Barriers Check

While students are discovering the offerings that are right for them, PATH's Registration Pre-flight feature keeps them informed of any barriers that may prevent them for successful registration including holds, missing pre-requisites, and permissions required by instructors. Registration Pre-flight information is visible in the search results returned for every class section so a student knows their registration status before placing the class in their CART. This ensures that during actual registration, there are no surprises. 

Prevention of Registration Overload

PATH's Registration Shock Absorber sits between the students and the actual registration process. This feature manages the spikes in load caused by time-ticket based registration and/or the openings of add/drop/swap periods. The Registration Shock Absorber reduces peak load on the student information system (SIS) during registration using a queue to process registration tickets in an orderly manner. This allows the SIS to continue to function optimally instead of becoming overloaded.

Registration Check Out Flexibility

PATH's Course and Registration Tool (CART) is a feature that allows students to group classes and save them in their profile for future review and/or registration. It also gives students the ability to create additional CARTs to save courses and sections they want to serve as backups in case primary courses are not open at registration time. With multiple CARTs students can easily keep track of all classes they want to register for, and label them in meaningful categories that prioritize the classes in their primary CART.

Additional Features Available for PATH

In addition to the features included with PATH, CourseLeaf offers extended features that can further enhance your student registration experience including:

  • Promoted and Recommended Courses:  When students log-in, they will be presented with courses to consider. When viewing the details of an individual section, they will be able to see what the students of that class also took, both in the same department as well as others.
  • Courses I Can Take:  Students can check a box to automatically filter out the courses and sections that they are not eligible to take based on Preflight. Students can rest assured that when they add classes to the CART, there won’t be any issues with registration.
  • Expanded Search Filters:  If your institution would like to provide new search criteria for students to truly enhance the discovery process, such as searching by curricular programs, requirements, pathways, or other data elements, we can enhance your solution of PATH to accommodate new data sources.

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