Modify curriculum across campus. Efficiently.

Is the line "that's the way we've always done it" getting old? Are you tired of passing paper between buildings and committee meetings?   Is your institution in need of a fully-integrated and streamlined curriculum management system?

With CourseLeaf Curriculum (CIM), reinvent the way you edit, track and approve new and existing courses and programs across campus. CIM, pronounced 'kim,' takes your curriculum management process online with customized forms, manageable workflows and tight integration into your student information system (SIS).

Leading colleges and universities use CourseLeaf's curriculum management system and the result is accurate courses and programs that are consistent across the entire institution from the academic catalog to the SIS. With a 100 percent client retention, CourseLeaf is committed to the success of your institution and tailors or customizes CIM to fit your critical needs.

With CIM, faculty and staff are more engaged in the curriculum process with shorter meetings, intuitive forms and faster feedback on changes. CIM also saves time and reduces inefficiency in the curriculum management process from start to finish. Our clients have reported that CIM has cut the number of months spent on curriculum approvals by half and has reduced the total hours spent by about 33 percent.

Critical Features

Custom Forms

Stop wasting time on an inconsistent paper process. CIM forms allow departments to propose new courses, modify existing courses and submit them to a workflow for the right approval. Curriculum forms in CIM are tailored to the needs of your institution and can provide pre-populated form information for specific department faculty and staff. CIM also allows you to create your own forms on the fly. Each CIM form features pop up help windows that can help faculty and staff better understand the information needed in a specific field to help reduce human error and inconsistencies. Faculty and staff are also able to attach a syllabus and other critical course documents right into the form.

Tight Integration

Ensuring your curriculum is consistent and accurate with your academic catalog and SIS is important for student advising and keeping up with accreditation guidelines. CIM integrates with your SIS and with CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) to ensure all course and program information is accurate and consistent. In CIM, you can update your SIS and catalog directly, with final approval, and eliminate the need for duplicate data entry. CIM also integrates with your existing campus authentication systems, so that users can continue to use their existing account names and passwords in a single sign on, SSO, without having to create a new log in.

Robust Reporting

A single course change can have many impacts across your campus. CIM automatically identifies and displays all departments, program requirements and courses at your institution that are impacted by a proposed change with consistency reporting. This feature lets faculty and staff understand the impact of their changes on information in the SIS and catalog before final approvals are made. CIM can also generate stalled reports, annual reports, link checker, reconciliation report, workflow status, role members, page owners and comparison reports. These reports can be used to help guide committee discussion and agendas to ensure that important topic areas are prioritized and discussed.

Manageable Workflow

CIM allows your institution to maintain central control of the curriculum management process while decentralizing edits to individual departments. Automate your review and approval workflow to manage who participates in form editing and final sign off. When a course is modified or added, CIM will automatically recommend a workflow for approval. Designated faculty and staff are able to easily edit, review, accept, reject and archive all changes. CIM also lets you track all active course proposals so faculty and staff can easily monitor their progress through the workflow approvals to meet deadlines. Email notifications can be set up to let the right person know when they have actions to take for approval. CIM tracks all edits and comments with color-coding so you can easily see what has changed.

CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) Integration

CourseLeaf was the first software solution to deliver a comprehensive and integrated catalog (CAT) and curriculum (CIM) management solution. This fully-integrated solution shares information from your SIS to deliver a seamless progression from curriculum proposals to publishing a web academic catalog that accurately reflects your institution's courses and programs.

Implementation and Support

The CourseLeaf team is full of experienced professionals in the fields of software development, training, client services and content management. CourseLeaf uses this experience to provide smooth implementation and to determine what rules and logic are used to create the correct workflow for a course. CourseLeaf also offers continuing support throughout the life of a contract. Learn more about our support.

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