Build a successful schedule of classes. Efficiently.

Are you finding it difficult to enforce institutional scheduling rules? Is your institution having difficulty coordinating course scheduling across multiple departments? Are you getting the most out of your classroom space?

With CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS), reinvent the way you determine when to offer course sections across campus. CLSS, pronounced 'class,' takes your course scheduling process online with intuitive tools for visualizing schedule distribution, adding courses into valid meeting times and publishing to your student information system (SIS), room scheduling software and to web and print formats.

Leading colleges and universities use CourseLeaf's course offering builder and the result is an effective distribution of course sections that maximize classroom space and class enrollment. With CLSS, faculty and staff can coordinate across multiple departments and offerings to build a schedule of classes that is consistent across campus.

CLSS saves resources and reduces inefficiency in the distribution of classroom space. Our clients have reported that CLSS has helped them understand the state of their classroom resources and determine their building needs for the future.

One leading institution has reported a 90 percent decrease in data entry by their registrar's office because of CLSS, citing that more than 180,000 changes were no longer needed from registrar staff. CLSS also increased the timeline for each department or scheduling unit at the institution to prepare the schedule and enabled them to see the results immediately.

Powerful Features

Distribution Maps

Analyzing course schedule data across multiple departments can be overwhelming. CLSS breaks down course scheduling data into a clear visual format so you can better understand weekly course distribution. With this visual format, you can filter by instructor, meeting pattern and course to visually review how the schedule is coming together. CLSS also features a heat map with a color coded view of course distribution so you can balance the prime time and light time slots across campus.

Customized Reporting

Enforcing institutional scheduling rules across campus can seem like an impossible task. CLSS makes it easy to validate that departments have met institutional rules for planning courses. These rules are customized to your institution's needs and exceptions can be approved when needed. Certain institutional scheduling rules can be applied to appropriate departments and classes to ensure departmental needs are met. CourseLeaf's advanced reporting tools also help you catch errors when creating and modifying a section.

Intuitive Interface

CourseLeaf's online interface provides intuitive editing, review and approval tools that allow all members within a department to contribute in building the schedule of classes. Faculty and staff can propose new courses and drag them into valid meeting times on a calendar view while also seeing where related courses are scheduled. With just one click, faculty and staff can validate their schedule of classes and instantly see any errors so that adjustments can be made before submitting updates.

Manageable Workflow

CLSS allows your institution to maintain central control of the course scheduling process while decentralizing edits to individual departments. Automate your review and approval workflow to manage who participates at different stages. Administrators can easily approve or reject updates and can make exceptions to institutional scheduling rules when needed.

Fast Publishing

Once the schedule of classes has been finalized and approved, CLSS can share the information to your SIS, provide information to room scheduling software and publish to web (HTML), spreadsheet (XML) and print (PDF) formats.

Section Snapper

The Section Snapper visualizes all of the conflicts to avoid when scheduling your classes. The Snapper positions those conflicts on a weekly calendar grid so that departments can clearly see that time is the best time to offer their classes.

Implementation and Support

The CourseLeaf team is full of experienced professionals in the fields of software development, training, client services and content management. CourseLeaf uses this experience to provide smooth implementation. CourseLeaf also offers continuing support throughout the life of a contract. Learn more about our support.

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