Help Students Register for the Right Classes

When class information is spread across several systems, courses are hard to search, and navigation on mobile devices is difficult, students become frustrated with the registration process. But registering for next semester’s courses shouldn’t be a major source of stress—it should be a time of excitement and anticipation as students plan their futures.

CourseLeaf PATH helps you reinvent online registration with tools and features designed to quickly connect students to the courses they need.

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With CourseLeaf PATH, students can:

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Quickly understand degree requirements

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Discover the right courses along their pathway to degree completion

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Complete searches and registration on mobile devices

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Connect with personalized search and course recommendations

Connect to Relevant Courses Faster

A robust search functionality combs through course subject areas, titles, descriptions, and prerequisites to help students find classes that match criteria so they can select the best fit. As an administrator, you can choose the course information students see based on their search results. PATH also provides valuable information about required textbooks, final exams, and more.

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Individualize Course Recommendations

Similar to an e-commerce experience, PATH features a Student-Aware Mode that adds unique personalization to every student’s search results. Based on student profile information and academic history, the module identifies and recommends courses that support their goals. As students search, PATH also notifies them of barriers that may impact registration, including holds, lack of prerequisites, or permission requirements.

Prevent Registration Overload

To make sure your students can access the platform and register for classes during periods of very high usage, PATH automatically manages spikes in load. This allows your system of record to function consistently instead of becoming overloaded by too many users at once. Users can continue to search and select courses without worrying about the system freezing or causing delays.

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Save Courses of Interest

While students search for courses, they may uncover classes they want to learn more about later or save as backups if first-choice options aren’t available. PATH lets them easily group and save courses for future review and registration. They get to choose how they want to organize and label the courses so they can easily be revisited in the future.

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Discover how CourseLeaf campuses are thriving.

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CourseLeaf’s technology was miles ahead of the competition. They took our lead in designing templates that fit our needs and built the software to flow with our process. The integration and sophistication of CourseLeaf is the gold standard version of all catalogs.

— Rosemary Schestag, Project Manager, Lorain County Community College

CourseLeaf PATH has transformed the way our students and advisors discover and select course offerings. Having a fully personalized search and course recommendation engine this robust is in alignment with current user behaviors and expectations that students have become accustomed to.

— Robert Fitzgerald, Registrar, Brown University

Their willingness to hear what we were looking for and do what they could to make a solution fit our business and process needs put them far ahead of the competition.

— Amanda Daddona, Associate Registrar at Wesleyan University

What used to take an hour to change will now take 20 – 30 seconds with CourseLeaf SYL.

— Brian Mercer, Director of the Office of Curricular Support, Azusa Pacific University

CourseLeaf helped us bridge the gap between information and informed student decision-making.

— Dr. Lindsay English, Vice President for Learning & Engagement, Cuyahoga Community College

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