Is your catalog management process overwhelming and inefficient? CourseLeaf CAT can help.

Transform your catalog into an online, modern and responsive website that helps students find the right classes with CourseLeaf CAT. CAT offers a stunning platform that promotes your brand and helps students find the courses they need. This module also streamlines how you update, edit, and publish academic content, saving staff time and improving data accuracy. Popular CAT features include dynamic workflows and the ability to track and archive edits to create a central editing process. CAT also offers accessible PDFs on-demand for campus advisors and prospective students and parents.

"With CourseLeaf CAT, 
we were able to create catalogs that were more organized, accurate, and better looking than ever."

Patricia Hall,
Former Registrar
Creighton University

Some CourseLeaf clients have reported a 35% increase in online catalog views since implementing CAT. 

Powerful Features


Your institution needs more than an out-of-the-box academic content management system that can't be customized. CourseLeaf is the only solution that offers a wide range of tailoring to fit the unique qualities of each institution. Each college and university has different critical needs and with CourseLeaf those needs are met to ensure that each catalog is a success.

Tight Integration

Matching your catalog with your student information system (SIS) is important for ensuring accuracy and keeping up with accreditation guidelines. CAT integrates with your SIS to ensure all course and program information is accurate and consistent. Errors in the catalog are collected in an accuracy report and flagged so that a staff member can properly reconcile. CAT eliminates the need for duplicate data entry as users are able to update many publishable areas at the same time: multiples sections of a catalog, multiple catalogs, PDFs, and mobile devices. CAT also integrates with your existing campus authentication systems, so that users can continue to use their existing account names and passwords in a single sign on, SSO, without having to create a new log in.

Manageable Workflow

CAT allows your institution to maintain central control of the catalog management process while decentralizing edits to individual departments. Automate your review and approval workflow to manage who participates in content creation, when they participate and how they participate. CAT's workflow engine ensures that the appropriate people are involved with each section or subsection of the catalog. Status reports let you stay on top of the process to meet your deadlines and email notifications can be set up to let the right person know when they have actions to take in the catalog. CAT will also track, log and archive all changes made to the catalog for a comprehensive audit trail.

Intuitive Interface

CourseLeaf software combines a powerful academic content management system (CMS) with relational database structures to provide efficient data management and publishing to multiple platforms. CAT's online interface provides intuitive editing and updating tools that allow all members within a department to contribute to the catalog management process. The CAT interface also allows for the editing of multiple catalogs, with different elements in each catalog, in one location.

Fast Publishing

Give current and prospective students the information they need in a format that fits their needs. CAT easily publishes to web, mobile and tablet platforms with responsive web design that will allow your academic catalog website to be viewed on any size screen. CAT generates a fully formatted and print ready PDF from any page in the catalog with a single click. Photos and videos can be added to the catalog and photos can be added to the PDF template for an engaging look and feel. The catalog can also be integrated with social media so that students can share information to others in their network. Catalog content is search engine optimized and features advanced search capabilities within the catalog so that important content can be found quickly.

Guided Pathways

CourseLeaf CAT and CAT Impact continue to lead the market in developing guided pathways solutions. Our work with Cuyahoga Community College on stackable credentials and pathway mapping, and with San Jacinto College on transfer articulation mapping, are just two examples of how our team of academic content experts can help your campus adopt guided pathways.

Additional Features for CAT

In addition to all the unique features provided with CAT, CourseLeaf offers services that can further enhance the impact of your next academic catalog.

  • CAT Impact to enhance the look and feel of the catalog to create greater appeal among prospective students. See the UC Berkeley catalog for an example.
  • Data source consulting to help clean up inconsistencies with current SIS data and other data sources (i.e. faculty database and other authoritative campus data).
  • Content restructuring to reorganize and overhaul your existing catalog content into a more cohesive and fluid publication for web (HTML) and print (PDF).

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